Apple To Release New Apple TV In September, Report Says via TechCrunch

Finally, Apple should release an SDK as well as a dedicated App Store for the TV. It would bring the Apple TV up to par with Android TV and make the device much more powerful. Even if Apple doesn’t launch its streaming service at the same time, third-party developers could start developing for the new device right away before the Apple TV becomes a must-have.

Source: Apple To Release New Apple TV In September, Report Says via TechCrunch

I’ve been hoping and waiting for the Apple TV ecosystem to expand and allow custom application development to take place. I really believe that a new Apple TV SDK opens the next door of innovation for blurring the lines between computers and televisions.

Granted, there are a lot of products and companies who have already been working on this type of crossover for some time, but since I’m all-in on the whole Apple ecosystem, this is the one I’ve been waiting for.

At the moment, I’m not really concerned with what the rumors and specifications are said to be. Just opening the door to integration between television and computing leads to a whole new generation of apps.

I’m particularly interested in what opportunities will arise for educational and training apps. So much of the tech training I go through these days is video-based, or at least has a video element to it, that being able to watch training on a TV would grab my attention. Being able to go through training, away from my desk, with my iPad as a companion to work in conjunction with an Apple TV app (note taking, scheduling, building personal lesson plans) is very appealing. If nothing else, it’s a potential app idea…