Senior iOS Developer & Technical Architect

This project is currently keeping me gainfully employed and has turned out to be a great opportunity to expand my experience working with connected devices:

  • Developing an iOS app for a mesh-networked, Bluetooth-connected, cloud-enabled motor-controlled standing desk.
  • Developing an iOS app to act as an administrative commissioning tool for configuring cloud-connected desks via Bluetooth and a custom REST API.
  • Developing a tvOS app for Apple TV, with a companion iOS app, for use as a sales aid in a tradeshow setting. The tvOS app allows custom, video-based presentations to be displayed and controlled through the companion app using Multipeer Connectivity. The tvOS app is also able to scan for available Bluetooth-connected desks and supply information about the desks to the companion app.

iOS, tvOS, Core Bluetooth, Multipeer Connectivity, Apple Compressor, Core Data,  REST API services, Git, Internet of Things (IoT), Swift, JSON, SourceTree, Xcode

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