Quick Thought: The Apple HomePod

So my wife and I will hold off on a new TV sound system until these puppies hit the market at the end of the year. We weren’t in a rush anyways 🙂

What I find the most interesting is that the Siri and HomeKit functions of the new HomePod are marketed at the very bottom of the on Apple’s web page for the product. It speaks volumes to me with how Apple is marketing HomeKit and its approach to home automation.

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Manufacturing Heroes: Or… On Not Making-It in America

When the eager hero of the “Start-Up” podcast (Season 1) pitches his pod-casting business plan to a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, the VC lets him know that his dream is no more than that of a small-minded, “life-style” entrepreneur. The budding business-builder is deflated. The plan he’s carefully honed for growth and profit is not the high-growth business opportunity that the VC investor seeks. Our entrepreneur’s vision of a well-planned business that funds dozens of creative podcast projects is justSource: Manufacturing Heroes: Or… On Not Making-It in America

This is a great read if you are interested in digital fabrication and the state and promise of small-scale manufacturing in the U.S.

Kinetis W Series MCUs: Expanding the Possibilities |NXP

NXP’s Kinetis W series MCUs simplify the design process to enable connected devices with a complete solution. Meet the latest addition in this series – the Kinetis KW41Z MCU – the industry’s first multi-protocol wireless MCU solution.Source: Kinetis W Series MCUs: Expanding the Possibilities |NXP

I’ve been involved in a couple of IoT projects with companies that have invested an excessive amount of time and money into developing proprietary IoT platforms. In my opinion, this type of chip and or modules using chips like this, are really at the heart of the next phase in IoT development.

HomeKit is where the dearth is – no one wants Apple’s IoT tech

In reference to Ecobee’s latest product release, the Ecobee Lite, I came across this little snippet regarding Apple’s HomeKit:

But nowhere in its marketing materials is Apple’s HomeKit mentioned, despite the extra effort and cost the company has to go to in order to work with the system.Source: HomeKit is where the dearth is – no one wants Apple’s IoT tech • The Register

It would take far too much time and effort to try and counterpoint what I’m seeing as a trend of articles dismissing Apple’s HomeKit platform. That is not a battle I want to get into at the moment, but in seeing the line I quoted above, I decided to go take a look on Ecobee’s website to see about a lack of HomeKit branding:

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The Pizza Gallery

So…I make pizza. A lot.

When I was a teenager I worked at two different private pizza shops, making…uh…pizza. About six years ago, I revived my old skills. Ever since, Ashley and I have pretty much stuck to “Pizza Mondays” where she crafts the flavor combos and I build them. The dough is from scratch and the pizzas are made with love.

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