My personal information aggregator

So instead of adding bookmarks to Safari or emailing myself links to articles or tools I want to follow up on, I’m going to give using my personal blog a whirl again.

Knowledge management is still a constant struggle in that there are so many tools to use to try and keep track of all my interests. Then I remembered that a blog is a great place to use as a repository since it has a simple means to classify and give context too whatever it is I’m trying to hang onto…especially if I come back to it down the road.

The Pizza Gallery

So…I make pizza. A lot.

When I was a teenager I worked at two different private pizza shops, making…uh…pizza. About six years ago, I revived my old skills. Ever since, Ashley and I have pretty much stuck to “Pizza Mondays” where she crafts the flavor combos and I build them. The dough is from scratch and the pizzas are made with love.

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CU-Boulder-led study eyes perceptions of wildfire risk via Boulder Daily Camera

People living in areas at high risk for wildfires are aware of the danger but underestimate the peril when compared with firefighting professionals, according to a new study led by a University of Colorado researcher.

Source: CU-Boulder-led study eyes perceptions of wildfire risk via Boulder Daily Camera

While my wife and I are not currently living in a wildfire danger zone, we do have an interest in heading towards the mountains at some point in the future. With as much as we know about wildfires, I find it curious how many people who own property out in the mountains seem to be somewhat disinterested in doing all that they can to mitigate the risks specific to their property.