Cisco, Salesforce Form a Cloud and IoT Alliance

Longtime tech stalwart Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) has been working feverishly to become a significant player in the cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. (NYSE: CRM), on the other hand, was one of the first to shift to the cloud, where it has lately been working to make its user experience more intuitive.

On Thursday, the two tech giants announced they are forming a strategic partnership to “jointly develop and market solutions that join Cisco’s collaboration, IoT and contact center platforms with Salesforce Sales Cloud, IoT Cloud and Service Cloud.”
Source: Cisco, Salesforce Form a Cloud and IoT Alliance | Investopedia

This IoT rabbit hole goes way too deep, but a few industry focuses I am considering are starting to reveal themselves. I am going to start playing close attention to IoT platforms and the partnerships that are forming between various vendors. I am also going to start keeping an eye specifically on news around Apple’s HomeKit and Google’s IoT platform elements, Brillo and Weave, as the eventually come to market.

These platform partnerships, and the vendors that integrate Apple’s and Google’s IoT platforms, are the best shot I currently see for determining the immediate direction of consumer IoT and home automation.

Thoughts on Amazon’s investment in Ecobee

Amazon is making its largest investment yet through its Alexa Fund into internet-connected thermostat-maker Ecobee. Announced on Thursday, Amazon is joining a $35 million round into the Toronto, Canada-based hardware startup. Other investors include Thomvest and Relay Ventures. Ecobee wouldn’t clarify who led the round. The $100 million Alexa Fund is named after Amazon’s intelligent […]
Source: Amazon’s Alexa Fund Makes Its Biggest Investment Yet In $35 Million Round Into Nest Competitor Ecobee

I missed this article from last month, but to me, Amazon investing in Ecobee is something to keep and eye on with regards to gaining some insight into the strategy for the future of their consumer IoT efforts.

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Journaling my IoT self-education

It’s been years since I last made an effort to keep track of my thoughts and opinions, on any topic, in any form of public dialog. My last venture was from 2004-2009 when I dug into urban development and real estate in Columbus, Ohio. Without getting into the details of those past efforts, the thing I remember most vividly about the experience is the clarity of thought that developed as part of the writing process. Having to do the research, formulate a coherent perspective, and put those perspectives in writing helped bring that clarity. Today, that writing process is something I hope to get back to as I continue a self-educational dive that started last year into the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT is a very broad term that covers a wide swath of consumer and industrial markets. It encapsulates every aspect of design and development for both digital and physical goods, and it requires a wide range of technical expertise in order to bring a connected device to market. From user experience to customer management, embedded computing to predictive analytics, there is almost no element of the entire digital ecosystem that IoT products do not touch. There are hundreds of companies, organizations and people stepping into the IoT ecosystem offering everything from end-to-end IoT solutions to general thought leadership. It is a vast, relatively nascent market where the boundaries are being defined as I write this. There are no clear leaders as of yet, at least with respect to the consumer market, despite the current efforts of Apple, Google and Amazon. I find this to be the most exciting aspect.

There is clearly plenty of room for thought leadership. As I continue to evolve my own understanding of this market, I hope to share my perspectives on what I learn as I go. I have been, for most of my 20-year professional career, an agency developer programming everything from websites and backend web services to touchscreen kiosks and mobile applications. As I expand into some of the specific areas and markets of connected devices, I feel pretty confident that I can, at the very least, contribute a unique perspective to the IoT conversation.

As part of my learning process, I will be practicing a little bit of knowledge management by aggregating my IoT research in an online repository of sorts that will be linked to my website. I will be starting off by sharing my “IoT” Twitter list but will be quickly expanding to contain information about organizations and products that I come across during my research. Have a look:

Welcome to my learning journal.