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Details on Weave and Brillo are still rather sparse since the projects are still in their infancy, but Google certainly seems to have the resources and gusto to make these the new standard for all IoT devices. Their new plan seems to involve getting manufacturers of IoT devices, including everything from smart home gadgets to farming equipment, to have Brillo and Weave pre-installed and ready to integrate with your mobile device and computer.Source: Blog Post: Brillo and Weave, IoT operating systems, and Android M, Is Google is taking over IoT?, in Internet of Things via

If you own any “smart home” devices and have gone through the process of installing and using them, you know that the experience can really be hit or miss. Once you do have them working, actually using them is the next hurdle.

I’ve already got a Nest thermostat and the Nest Protect smoke detector, and I recently purchased some “smart” light bulbs and camera from another vendor mainly due to the expense.  Different install process, different apps, different reliability.

The Nest products are pretty straightforward for both installation and usage. They also share one app. The other devices, not so much with straightforward and require two different apps. Nest is reliable, the others, mostly…well sometimes…err. You get what you pay for.

Here’s the rub for me though: Nest is said to have stated that it will not work with Apple’s HomeKit home automation (think IoT) management solution. Nest is owned by Google. Google is working on the Brillo and Weave IoT infrastructure . Makes sense.

Will I buy anything else from Nest? Probably not if it is not going to work with Apple’s ecosystem since I have Apple throughout my own home’s network infrastructure. I like Apple, don’t really have any issues with it and don’t have a reason to change.

We’ll see where this all goes, but with Apple and Google each doing there own thing here, home automation will continue on without any unified standard. That just continues to make it difficult by factoring in choices that dictate far more than just what operating system your phone has.

As a sidenote, Microsoft it out there too, dipping its toe in the IoT waters…

I’m really just starting my homework in the IoT world from a programmer’s perspective, but I’d prefer to get behind some sort of open source standard as opposed to proprietary protocols.

Since I am an Apple iOS developer by trade, HomeKit will naturally be my first area of exploration, but I am not willing to rule out stepping into the Google Android universe to explore Brillo and Weave once it is out in the wild.