All Websites Look The Same via NoVolume, Web Design Blog

I guess the first question is why, why has one style swept across the web design world and been implemented across so many websites? I’ve thought and thought about this and never really come up with a single answer.Source: All Websites Look The Same via NoVolume, Web Design Blog

My website included, what this article points out about web design is very true. Most sites today look the same with simple variations in images and fonts.

The thing is though, despite the prevalence and pervasiveness of a common website design, it usually gets the message across and folks are familiar with how to get around these simple sites. You either scroll down to reveal content in visually defined sections or click on one of the main links in the header or the footer. Very rarely do you see content buried down at a nested level. Search boxes are usually very prevalent too. Either scroll, click once or search and you usually find the information you are after. Isn’t that the point?

While Flash websites were unique, it was too easy to get lost in the content and unique and “creative” animated experiences. “That’s really cool. What was I looking for?…”